RPG Art & Stuff by Lukasz Jaskolski


My name is Lukasz Jaskolski and I'm Professional SF/F/H illustrator since 2010 for franchises such as Warhammer, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, The Expanse, Pirates of Carribbean, Nemesis etc.

Gloomroad is a brand related to my RPG and Fantasy crafts and artworks. Currently I offer Custom Character Commissions through Etsy, and sell RPG Notebooks with unique aged interior through Amazon store.



Full Color Aged Graph Paper for Role Playing Games: 60 Textured pages of Grid Paper


Aged Paper RPG Journal: 120 pages of 1/4 inch Grid Graph Paper


Aged Paper RPG Journal: 120 pages of Mixed Paper - Dot, Hex, Blank & Graph